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I like shooting my mouth off, sincere people who mind and tend to their own damned business, lived-in clothes, elbow room, flyover country, unwashed pickup trucks, cheap fuel (and plenty of it) accurate rifles, more ammunition than I "need," sharp knives, camp fires, dogs, laughing my ass off, immoderate behavior, and most children.  I'm not trying to "raise awareness" of anything, nor would I presume to raise your consciousness about something. Most who arrogate to such undertakings are themselves mostly unconscious most of the time, and in possession of vast stores of knowledge of things that just plainly ain't so.  As for my ideology, there are only a few things I know for sure.  One is that virtually all of the problems government seems to be in a frantic scramble to correct are either illusory (or wildly overstated), or were themselves caused by government.  The second is that problem-solving, innovation and prosperity result from systemmic processes that evolve out of people freely interacting or declining to interact with one another, and never from top-down planning, prescriptions and edicts conjured by the minds of the so-called elites.  These presumptuous parasites were more aptly described by Vaclav Havel as "cunning shits."  Finally, whenever a proposed change in public policy will result in an encroachment on freedom, there should be a strong presumption in favor of retaining the freedom and a rigid burden of proof imposed on the proponent of the policy that would further circumscribe it.  The opposite arrangement has far more often prevailed over the past several decades, and to our great detriment.

I also firmly believe that "liberalism" (which today, of course, means statism, or the opposite of classical liberalism) is an inherently feminine worldview, and that men who take liberal positions on issues must therefore be one or more of three things:  (1) Effeminate; (2) Disengenous, e.g., trying to get into women's pants, or; (3) Confused.

Oh, and the Dave Mathews Band sucks harder than any known sucking force in the universe, including the very void of space itself.

I love my family, God and my country (though as to the latter, I often find myself not feeling "in love" with her, and at least as often don't even like her).  That’s 99% of what’s worth knowing about me.

Sun's over the yardarm; time to pour lunch.


Feb. 2012