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“When the Constitution was drawn up, the state was not in the business of taking charge of civil society, or of displacing religious and private foundations from their central role in education, health care, and the provision of social services.  Today, however, the state has intruded into civil society in a way that the Founders would never have envisaged.  It does not merely fund the majority of schools: it controls them.  It funds all kinds of institutions, from hospitals to rehabilitation centers, that would previously have been funded by private donations.  The ‘no establishment’ clause, interpreted as the (secular) activists would wish, therefore obligates the state to chase religion out of the institutions of society.  Having absorbed those institutions, the state fumigates them against the religious bug.  But it does this religiously, seeking out all the nooks and crannies where religion might take hold, and squirting them with ideological disinfectant.  And because the state controls the institutions where orthodoxies arise–schools and universities–it is in effect making an establishment of religion.  The religion is atheism; but atheism pursued with a kind of vindictive vehemence that has all the marks of faith.”
–Roger Scruton

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