Aaaand it begins . . .
Tuesday, June 30, 2015 at 01:01PM

Clearly my only mistake was in failing to place enforceable bets on the question of when (not whether) this next troop deployment/campaign in the culture war would commence following SCOTUS's pulling of a heretofore unknown fundamental and universal right to gay marriage from its rectum. Then again, perhaps not, since admittedly even I was surprised at how quickly this came. It's as though one of the left's stormtroopers went rogue and jumped the gun. Either that, or it's a deliberate trial balloon put forth to gauge reaction. No matter.

Lefties, you’re about as opaque as pure mountain air, as cryptic as a skyscraper, as subtle as a mushroom cloud, as covert as a mountain range. Your repulsive totalitarian impulses never went anywhere, and are as strong now as ever. Sure you ditched the jackboots and the uniforms and toned down your rhetoric to distance yourselves from the Maos and the Kims and the Castros and make yourselves more marketable and mainstream. You're "walking through," as Alinksi would put it. But your core is eternal. You may expel tankerloads of greenhouse gas through your larynxes about tolerance, but your actual tolerance for real-world dissenting viewpoints is precisely zero. It’s your way or the highway, as ever it’s been. Your thuggery may be practiced with a smiling face and calm, placating, reasonable sounding, even pleading voice tones, but you’re the same thugs you’ve always been. And I’m calling you out.



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